How to Choose the Proper LED Closet Light

Apr 15th

LED Closet Light – When most people think of luminaires for the kitchen, built-in recessed images or track lighting often comes to mind, as well as hanging lamps on countertops or kitchen tables. Cabinet lighting is a forgotten but very essential way of lighting for the kitchen. Illumination of the high traffic counter work areas approximately 18 inches above, clear, providing clear light. The LED lighting is a good choice for this type of accessory as it tends to be more compact and last longer than standard incandescent light.

Lowes LED Closet Lights
Lowes LED Closet Lights

Browse photos of home design catalogs show clear examples of LED puck-style lights and underneath cabinets in linear style. Examine examples of surface mounting or recessed LEDs under the cabinet. Keep in mind that both options give you an aerodynamic look, although recessed lights are the most discreet.

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Examine the area of ​​your kitchen where you plan to install these lights. If there is an outlet available, you should opt for the simple type of lights, plug-in. If there is not a convenient outlet, you will have to choose the type of lights that a professional is required to be hired for. Determine how much brightness you want in this area. Lights of the linear variety of 5mm generally emit 19 watts, with high power linear strips giving 42 watts. Two 5mm disc lights will give 8 watts.

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