How to Build the Closet Drawer Organizer

Apr 15th

Closet drawer organizer can store small to medium tools, plates, and fountains of all kinds in an easily accessible place. Building a drawer is a matter of creating a painting without a lid. They are typically made of 1/2 inch plywood or wood with a 1/4 inch plywood bottom. Most modern drawers are built in six pieces: two sides; a front and a back; a lower part of the drawer; and a decorative drawer face. The instructions below will create an 18-inch wide drawer, 20 inches long and 4 inches deep.

Tall Drawer Organizer
Tall Drawer Organizer

Fit the two sides for the ends outside the back. Match the slots in the corners, placing them inside the rectangle. Place the bottom of the drawer in the grooves, making sure it fits into the end slot, leaving enough space for the front piece. Glue and nail the front of the drawer between the sides.

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Fit the drawer face to the front of the drawer. It puts the face, the good side down, on a level work surface. Crate support on the end and center of the front of the drawer box on the back of the drawer face. Add slide and pull to complete the look of the drawer. Most hardware comes with specific installation instructions. Usually, slides are installed in two parts, one attached to the drawer and the cabinet. Handles are usually fixed with screws through the face of the drawer. Use a screwdriver instead of a drill to avoid damaging the hardware.

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