DIY Ideas of the Closet Factory

Apr 13th

Closet Factory – Whether for renovation, repair or maintenance, you may have to disassemble the drawers of your furniture made to the factory at some time. Although manufactured furniture comes in an impressive variety of styles, the basic construction of these pieces is generally the same, which means that regardless of the builder, the general method for taking their separate drawers will be the same. Methodically disassembling your drawers will minimize the risk of damage and make the process easier to reassemble significantly.

Closet Organizer Houston
Closet Organizer Houston

Remove the drawer. Pull the drawer all the way to the front of its tracks and press up to release the drawer. Loosen any hardware from the drawer. Drawer pulls are typically connected with a Phillips head screw on the inside face of the front of the drawer. Find the screws that hold the front of the drawer in place, which are usually found in the front, inside corners of the drawers. Unscrew the screws and remove the front part of the drawer.

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Slide the bottom panel through the front of the drawer. The bottom panel is normally secured with slots on the sides, front, and rear of the drawer, and usually does not stay in place with screws, staples or glue. Separate the sides of the drawer from the back. The back is typically anchored to the sides with screws facing outside. Depending on the manufacturer, these screws can be located either on the back or on the sides of the drawer.

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